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Mar-Apr 2020

Apart from their timeless appeal, blue sapphires are also viewed by many as investment vehicles, especially untreated stones. Buyers often look for specific sizes, colours and certifications as well, disclosed Achillea Teng of Singapore -based jewellers Caratell Pte Ltd.

Non-heated blue tanzanites are also preferred by traders and jewellers, she added.

Pantone’s decision to assign Classic Blue as this year’s colour may result in bolstered awareness of blue gems, which could benefit commercial items. The impact will be less on investment gems such as non-heated cornflower blue Kashmir sapphires, which are always in demand no matter the trend.

Teng cited growing interest among buyers, millennials in particular, in “fun” colours and non-traditional materials hence stronger demand for indicolite, Paraiba tourmaline, aquamarine and spinel.

The market is also becoming more receptive to rare gems such as benitoite, which GIA defines as a typically colourless to blue barium titanium silicate found in San Benito County, California. In fact, benitoite has gained the attention of connoisseurs due to its vivid blue shades that are comparable to sapphire.

The colour blue also lends further versatility to a jewellery piece since every shade reflects different concepts such as tranquillity, royalty or truthfulness, “We also observed rising demand for blue engagement rings, so we expect higher sales of blue sapphire rings throughout the year.” Noted Teng.

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