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A one and only experience for your precious moment.

Diamond, being the hardest mineral in the world, has been a prevalent choice of engagement solitaire ring. Whereas engagement ring with colour gemstones are loved since ancient times and becomes in fashion.

At Caratell, our all-rounded team of gemologist, designer and master craftsman will be working with you to realise your personal piece with exceptional quality and style.

Chantillea Diamond

Uppermost Brilliance of

Dream of Love


Unsurpassed Brilliance of

Ideal Cut Diamonds

Colour Gemstones

Revels of Nature Beauties from

Mother Nature


At Caratell, we believe in originality with personality in every piece. We are there along the way to build your love story encased in the shape of your wedding band.

Custom wedding bands
Custom wedding rings
Custom made wedding rings
Custom wedding bands
Custom wedding bands
Custom wedding bands
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