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Oct 2021

The Jewellery TrendBook 2023+

THE JEWELLERY TRENDBOOK 2023+: the definitive guide to trends in the jewelry market

Mar 2021

Vogue Magazine

The combination of intrinsic value with a contemporary style, resulting in exceptional pieces that will last for generations.

Apr 2020

Robb Report

An insight on how we get hold onto Bixbite, The exclusive one.

Nov 2019

Icon Magazine

Our latest collection draws inspiration from nature and galaxy

Aug 2019

Singapore Tatler

For 5 consecutive years, Caratell has been awarded as Singapore top 10 best Jewellers by Singapore Tatler.

8 Mar 2019

Prestige Online Magazine

“5 jewellers in Singapore for bespoke high jewellery”

Oct-Nov 2018


Caratell’s Michael Koh weaves intricate fine jewellery inspired by sweet nostalgia

Jul 2018



Feb 2018

The Peak

Understand more about our inspiration and key elements of our pieces.

Oct 2017

Jewels & Time

Understand the passion behind our chief designer

9 Feb 2017

The Peak

Featured in the article for “5 Dazzling gifts for the jewellery lover"

Oct 2016

The Jewellery Historian

Featured in The Jewellery Historian, issue #21, an UK publisher e-magazine

22 Feb 2016

Prestige Online

Interviewed by Prestige online for the nomination of the Luxury jewellery Brand by Luxury Lifestyle Awards.

Aug 2015

Singapore Tatler

Awarded as Top 10 Jewellery designer in Singapore

May 2014


An exclusive interview on the art of jewellery design

Aug 2021

Solitaire Magazine

Caratell is now one of the latest local
jewellers to have a go at the motif. Its
new collection, Colours of Heritage™

Nov 2020

Singapore Tatler

Jewels & Time

Mar-Apr 2020


How Pantone’s decision to assign Classic Blue as this year’s colour may result in bolstered awareness of blue gems.

Oct-Nov 2019

Solitaire Magazine

A Celebration of our 15th anniversary

Aug 2019


“From Jeweller to Legacy Builder” Michael Koh of Caratell shifts his focus from design to education to ensure that the jewellery industry retains its lustre.

25 Feb 2019

Lifestyle Asia

Understand more about Spinel

Oct 2018

Jewels & Time

Our fourth year, awarded as Singapore Top 10 jewellers

Mar-Apr 2018

品 Prestige

5 Singapore Jewellers we love

Dec-Jan 2018


Featured our Tefnut Sleeping Beauty collection

Apr 2017


An insight of Tsavorite and Peridot by our MD Michael Koh

Feb 2017

Adorn Magazine

A short intro of Caratell

Sep 2016

Brand Jewelry Web

Caratell Singapore Bespoke Jewellery

Nov 2015

WOW Magazine

An exclusive interview on topics of Spinel and Tourmaline

Mar 2015


Michael Koh’s views for handcrafted jewellery market


Singapore Tatler

Best of Singapore Jeweller

Oct-Nov 2020

Solitaire Magazine

Caratell’s years in the industry, coupled with a nimble approach to the business and understanding of the market and their clients, results in an optimistic view of the future.

23 Jan 2020


How Caratell co-founder Michael Koh went from designing jewellery to watches

Aug 2019

Moritz Grossmann (GPHG)

TEFNUT Arabian Nights Milanaise is in the pre-selection at the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG) 2019 - category ladies' watches.

Apr 2019


A recognition by Solitaire Magazine, Named as 100 most iconic jewellers.

Oct-Nov 2018


To understand how we draw our inspiration into our stunning creation.

11 Oct 2018

Portfolio Online

A designer copies, but a great designer inspires.” – Michael Koh, Founder and Designer, Caratell

Mar 2018


With Ultra Violet as the pantone of 2018, let’s have an insight view of jewellery trend and design.

Nov 2017

Katerina Perez

Interview on red beryl –Bixbite one of the top 10 rarest gemstones

Mar 2017

WOW Jewellery

The purveyor of rare gems.

Feb 2017


A husband and wife team and how they share the same love and passion in jewellery design.

Aug 2018

Singapore Tatler Magazine

Second year named as Top 10 Singapore’s Best Jewellers

Nov 2015

Jewelry World

Reports on the IPOS Creative Jewellery Design competition

May 2014

Jewelry World

How Michael makes Jewellery “Breath”

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