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The Peak

Feb 2018

4 Singapore jewellery designers who create stunning statement pieces and heirlooms

Michael Koh
Nature inspires Michael Koh’s many fine creations. Under his jewellery brand Caratell, the 46-year-old designs pieces that sport tasteful arrangements of bejewelled flowers and vines. Each carries sharp details, from organic structures of leaves to fine textures on branches.
Koh also looks to art and architecture for rich ideas. For his Impressionist collection, the jewellery designer created necklaces and brooches that interpret Van Gogh’s blue irises and Monet’s lilies. Singapore landmarks, like Gardens by the Bay, have also been reimagined as statement rings featuring diamonds and ice jade.

Innovation is key to many of his pieces, whether it involves a function besides aesthetics, or elements that move. “I like a challenge,” he shares. “When designers say some things can’t be done, I’m determined to try.” He got the chance to prove it by creating wedding bands with functional compasses, made for a couple who had requested for a design related to their shipping industry careers.

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