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What differentiates a piece of jewellery from a work of the art lies in its design. Drawing our inspirations from the most minuscule molecule to the towering cityscape, we take pride at value designs that capture the essence of the subject.

These designs must also enhance and reflect who you are. We are all unique, that is why, at Caratell, our creations are as special as you.



Caratell specialises in 18 karat gold. 

Our gold content consists of 75% pure gold and 25% of other alloys.

Our white gold is safe from allergies as it contains palladium instead of nickel.


At Caratell, only the finest quality gemstones are selected and used for each piece of jewellery.


Learn more about our selection of Diamonds and Gemstones.


Revive Sentimental Pieces to Life

Based in Asia, where a tradition of gifting family and friends with jewellery for important events or occasions still prevails, Caratell sees a number of patrons who are stranded with masses of jewellery that are not to their liking. Many turn to the designers at Caratell for assistance, to give their sentimental pieces of jewellery a new lease of life.

If the main gemstone or material belongs to customer, our hallmark will be C  instead of Caratell.


" A big thank you for helping us customise Daphne's ring and our wedding brands. They were an absolute dream come true! Thank you for your patience and for spending hours talking to us on the ring designs and many other things. Here's wishing both of you and your children a joyful, healthy and prosperous 2017 !"

- Jiren & Daphne


" Helmed by a team with amazing artistic flair with gemstones, Caratell is my to-go place for jewelry that will surprise and delight. Intricate designs that are memorable and unique keeps me going back for more over the years. After sales service is also top notch with warm and friendly staff. Always feel welcomed even if I am just window shopping. Kudos to you all!! "

- Gail Wan


" Caratell's workmanship, intricate designs, and customer service are a topnotch. Caratell never fail to deliver, especially on customized designs. I came to them by chance (after going around all jewellers in SG) with mere sketches of a complicated engagement ring, and they managed to materialize it effortlessly. Kudos to Achillea and her team.

Highly recommended!! "

- Marc Ted


"This is a place that I will go for all my jewellery. Their beautiful designs and workmanship is world class and I am always continuously impressed by their work. Thank you for loving in what you and blessing others with your talents!"

- Gleen


"Caratell Diamonds have very unique and good quality gem stones with good colours and sizes. The owners and staffs in Caratell Diamonds are very friendly and helpful."

- Magdalene Chen


"Caratell's prices are very reasonable and their design and workmanship are the best in Singapore."

- Eisham


" Awesome warmth service with a passion to ensure customers' needs, wants and authenticity are met; with an extra fine touch of the designers' own unique and elegant creativity. Each design is a masterpiece of its own kind like no others. Caratell Diamonds to me is, passion overflow!"



"Very good service and extremely trustworthy, my favourite jewelry shop to come!"

- Sabrina Lee


"The setting is just amazing. So beautiful. You guys are certainly gifted. "

- Lilian

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