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8 Aug 2019

Radio station 89.3

In celebrating Singapore Bicentennial, an Interview from FM 89.3 with Elliott and Ryan about home-grown designer brand how we overcome the odds and our passion in what we believe.

TCS 8.jpg

Oct 2015



JMA Hong Kong.jpg

30 Nov 2018

JMA Hong Kong International Jewellery Show

Interview by JMA Hong Kong International Jewellery Show and published on Facebook.


Oct 2015

HKTDC Hong Kong

Video interview by HKTDC in both Mandarin and English version on the jewellery market as well as our Ever foliage collection. Post on their corporate webcast.

cna. 2017.jpg

19 Oct 2017


Interview by CNA on the overview of Singapore jewellery trends and market.


10 September 2013

Radio station 95.8FM

Boss of a local jewellery store Mr Michael Koh shares about his experience as a jewellery expert, as well as the inspiration behind his signature pieces. He also talks about his participation in the upcoming Singapore JewelFest and the exclusive pieces that will be featured at the exhibition.

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