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Singapore Tatler

Aug 2015

10 Of The Best Singapore-Based Jewellery Designers

The past few years have seen singapore evolve as a mature market for jewellery buyers. The arrival of trade and consumer fairs such as JewelFest Singapore, the Singapore Jewellery & Gem Fair and the Singapore International Jewelry Expo have established our nation as a hub for jewellery consumption and trade. Simultaneously, this movement has also put the spotlight on a growing crop of Singapore-based designers.

They have stuck firmly by their unique design ethos and carved their own niche. Some of these jewellers have access to a mind-boggling array of stones, others have a resplendent way with colour and design, and yet others are unafraid of experimenting. But what binds them all is a common passion for their crafts and their tools.

Singapore Tatler Jewels & Time introduces the top 10 Singapore-based designers who have proved their mettle over the years, and have established strong brands without wavering from their core values and virtues.

The homegrown brand has a discerning eye for colour and tells a story with each of its designs, whether of an artistic genre, a flower or a monument. The founders are poised to take the brand overseas, specifically to the US and Europe.

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