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Mar 2018


A younger generation of jewellery buyers is also expected to jump on the Ultra Violet bandwagon, jewellery designer Achillea Teng of Singapore-based Caratell said.

Millennials, who represent a more innovative, aesthetically adventurous and trend-savvy customer profile, are likely to follow what’s hot in the retail scene, particularly in fashion and jewellery.

“Some customers may want to follow trends while others may opt to stick to their unique personal preferences,” noted Teng. “Buyers will also likely consider the jewellery design itself and whether the gemstone’s colour complements their skin tone.”

She also noted a possible increase in sales of violet gemstones in the wholesale and retail front. This however may also result in a surge in prices if there is more demand than supply.

Teng described Ultra Violet – a rich combination of blue and red with a higher percentage of blue –as neither warm nor cool but still exuding a calming effect. The colour is also associated with spirituality and connection to the cosmos.

“We will continue to design jewellery pieces using violet gemstones as long as the stone is of high quality and not treated. We take inspiration from the gems,” she stated.

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