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Vogue Magazine

Mar 2021

For Michael Koh, the head designer and artist-jeweller behind Caratell Singapore, human relationships, natural elements and architectural forms play an important role in his high jewellery jade creations. Two imperial jadeite jade cabochons are surrounded by a swirl of diamonds and white gold in the Intertwine Love bangle, signifying the love between mother and child. For earrings, he channels the willow tree’s romantic character via baguette and round diamonds that cascade from jade cabochon.

Whether we consider the Above The Cloud jade ring’s whimsical personality, the sharp lines of the bamboo brooch or the art deco vibe of Koh’s other creations, a few common elements emerge. First, untreated (type A) jade from Myanmar, which exudes a limpid quality similar to the best emeralds. Second, Koh’s ability to infuse light into each piece via brilliant cut, baguette-shaped diamonds and precious gemstones like sapphires, green garnets and rubies. And finally, the combination of intrinsic value with a contemporary style, resulting in exceptional pieces that will last for generations.

I travel to the mining regions to establish long-standing relationships and select the best material, which also triggers my creative process,” says Koh. “The use of quality diamonds and gemstones elevates the entire jewel to a new dimension, displaying high lustre and light dispersion that delights the wearer and the viewer.”

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