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Apr 2019

More than just a jewellery designer, Michael Koh – founder of Singapore-based bespoke jewellery brand Caratell – is an artist. Through fine jewellery, he creates one-of-a-kind, wearable works of art together with his wife, Achillea Teng.

Not one to conform to trends, the husband-and-wife tandem is not afraid to experiment with uncommon and rare materials, “Through our creations, we are able to introduce investment and untreated gemstones, which will appreciate in value over time,” shares Michael, “With each piece we produce, we bring awareness to uncommon coloured gemstones or rare phenomenon gems, including bixbite, benitoite, grandiderite, colour change sapphire, vanadium chrysoberyl, and melo pearl.”

Apart from creating bespoke and unique jewellery, Michael and Achillea also take time to give lectures and workshops, sharing their design philosophy and teaching students the traditional fabrication techniques. “By trying to pass on the knowledge of the craft, we hope to help in keeping the art of jewellery making alive for the next generations to come.”

Caratell’s newest collection, The Galaxy, is a tapestry of movement, colours and mechanisms, weaved together with hours of detailed planning and designing. “Our Galaxy collection evokes a sense of awe at this complex yet undeniably alluring system.” Brilliant-cut diamonds and vibrant gemstones are used to mimic the beauty of the Milky Way. And through impressive design and mechanism, each orbit is able to swivel, forming an ever-evolving jewellery piece. “To capture the intricacies of the Milky Way, one must also capture its ability to move and change,” adds Michael.

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