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Solitaire Magazine

Oct-Nov 2020

Q. What has been keeping Caratell busy at the moment?

A. We have extended our operating hours to the convenience of our customers. We also refreshed our website to make it more interactive. With an online presence, our customers will be able to chat with our sales staff, even until late at night, if they require more information on a particular item. We believe that as a jeweller, it’s not just about trading – it’s also about professionalism. Hence, we impart the knowledge of gemstone and jewellery fabrication to our staff to better prepare them and help them build confidence in serving clients. We also conduct gem masterclasses for stones like emerald, ruby, sapphire, and jade, and plan on introducing new topics on diamonds, pearls, and spinels.

To enhance the learning journey of our customers, we also plan to introduce a traditional glass enameling class in a small group, comprised of packing, firing, and filing, which many will find therapeutic and fulfilling.

Q. Where do you see the Caratell brand in the near future?

Since moving to our new premises with more space to “play” around with, we would like to build “The Mansion” of Caratell. This is not a physical mansion, but a place that comprises many things that will inspire, allowing for something experiential and educational. We also see ourselves further developing our CSR efforts by opening up a training facility for hearing impaired and wheelchair-bound students.

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