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Jewels & Time

Oct 2017

Speciality Coloured gems

Does Bespoke and ready-to-wear creations An expert in coloured gemstones, Caratell is the brainchild of the founder Michael Koh and his wife Achillea Teng. Traffic at the store during this tough period for retail is often brisk. That it’s situated in a family mall and yet continues to thrive underlines the high quality of its jewellery pieces and exceptional service standards.


Caratell is built on a man’s passion for jewellery, gemstones and craftsmanship

On First impression, Michael Koh looks like a military officer. He sports a healthy tan and looks stern, especially when not smiling. Neither is the multiple award-winning designer chatty. But when one engages him in topics he likes-jewellery and design namely-all preconceived notions vanish.
The founder of Caratell’s eyes light up like a child in a toy shop when discussing about his latest gem-hunting trips or the challenges behind creating particular jewellery piece. And the part-time lecturer at a private institute speaks animatedly about imparting knowledge to the younger generation and equipping them with both traditional and modern techniques of jewellery making.

His love for gemstones and jewellery design and eye for detail have enables Caratell to stand tall for more than a decade. Because of Koh’s vision and passion, the brand’s clients understand that whether it’s simple jewellery for daily wear, wedding bands or statement pieces for galas and soirées, they are not just buying an item, but something made with love.

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