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8 Mar 2019

5 jewellers in Singapore for bespoke high jewellery

Nothing says exquisite quite like a piece of jewellery that’s specially customised for you. Bespoke pieces are the epitome of luxury, particularly so when you can lay claim to owning a rare Bombay sapphire, or a one-off spectacular diamond-festooned necklace. To help make your extravagant dreams come true, we put forth five of Singapore’s high jewellers with a flair for custom orders.

Husband-and-wife duo Michael Koh and wife Achillea Teng scour the globe for rare gemstones from trading grounds and remote mines. The winner of multiple design awards including Best Jewellery in Asia Award for The Luxury Network International Awards in 2018, the atelier’s clientele includes royals, collectors and intellectuals with an eye for complexity.

Caratell’s creations often veer towards the fantastical, taking reference from avant-garde art movements, folklore, and nature. Its bespoke service is favoured by the discerning as it fuses thoughtful design, meticulous craftsmanship, and rare and exceptional gemstones.

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