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Apr 2017

Tsavorite and peridot: Nature’s glorious gifts

Their spectacular brilliance and gorgeous colours have made tsavorite and peridot among the most popular coloured gemstones in the market today. Just take a look at Paul Wild’s exceptional peridot necklace – the Flower Fairy chain and pendant – and its stunning tsavorite necklace layout. In this feature, industry insiders tell us why they are upbeat about the demand prospects for these gemstones.

In love with green

Apart from tsavorite, another green gemstone that is making waves in the market is the peridot – loved for its dainty olive-green hue, according to Michael Koh, managing director of Singapore-based Caratell Pte Ltd.
Peridot is preferred for its deep, pleasant green colour that exudes freshness, vitality and hope, added Koh.

“A gemstone connoisseur loves everything that is beautiful, rare and with unique properties such as peridots from Kashmir. In general, green gemstones are well-liked by Asians,” he noted.

Tsavorites, meanwhile, infuse a unique character to jewellery designs, particularly those from Merelani in Tanzania.

“It fluoresces orange under a UV light, which is very uncommon since garnets are known to be non-responsive under a UV light. This makes designing more fulfilling as we try to combine tsavorite with other gems that fluoresces to create the so-called wow effect,” remarked Koh, adding that while some buyers still view tsavorite as an emerald substitute, the gemstone is increasingly being appreciated for its exceptional beauty.

“Both peridot and tsavorite are more affordable compared with the so-called big three (rubies, sapphires and emeralds). There will definitely be demand as consumers continue to look for substitute stones,” said Koh.

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