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A place of origin is a realm that fulfils the need for identity, security, and individualism in life. In the 19th century, Moritz Grossmann found it in a small town in the Ore Mountains: Glashütte. In his atelier there, the exceptionally gifted pioneer developed technically outstanding watch models.

More than 100 years later, watchmaker Christine Hutter discovered the heritage of Moritz Grossmann in Glashütte and established a new manufacture. Today, this is where ancestral craftsmanship is reinterpreted with modern technology. The beginning of a new era in the name of Moritz Grossmann: Origin of a new time.


Sleeping Beauty

Caratell, one of Asia’s top luxury jewellery brands, is known for its uniquely charismatic creations. Every design is poetically transformed into jewellery.

This year Caratell’s founder Mr Michael Koh is proud and honoured to collaborate with international watchmaker artistry Moritz Grossmann from Glashütte, to design a seductive jewellery watch that evokes the mysterious realm of the moon. Its name is a reference to the nocturnal hour of its completion. As a crowning touch, he adorned the dial with a fairy-tale moon and named it “Sleeping Beauty”. The duo eclipse symbolises the ‘rare’ acquaintance and celebration of two companies getting together by sharing the same philosophy, to create a timepiece that goes beyond the boundaries of time.

The TEFNUT Sleeping Beauty design is all about striking a balance with asymmetric, from having only two strap lugs that are freely suspended on one side to a gradient bezel that rises gently from the right to the left, display the astounding craftsmanship of Grossman. The dance of asymmetry is further observed on the dial, from the ‘play’ of the Roman numerals, guilloched pattern, and the portrait of the moon that is magically alluring.

The heart of the TEFNUT Sleeping Beauty is the compact calibre 102.0 movement that features all of the characteristic Grossmann elements: the cantilevered balance cock with the Grossmann micrometer screw, raised chatons, a separately removable winder, and the mass-optimised Grossmann balance.


The case of the TEFNUT Sleeping Beauty was artistically modified to accommodate the asymmetric dial architecture. From the crown to the 9 o‘clock side, the case height rises to form a sculpted point of departure for the lugs that end in gently rounded tips. On the right-hand side, the lugs tips. On the right-hand side, the lugs tips. On the right-hand side, the lugs are freely suspended and like the crown are graced with an iolite or garnet cabochon.

The bezel is set with precious stones that orchestrate in interplay of colours of the case, strap, and dial. The case versions in white gold are set with white, yellow or ocean blue brilliant cut diamonds. White brilliant-cut diamonds deliver the sparking contrast in the rose-gold version.

A gently shimmering satin strap is coordinated with the dial, rounding out the exquisiteness and feminine grace of this jewellery watch.


A glance at the TEFNUT Sleeping Beauty is an invitation to dream. The four-part dial symbolises the earth‘s companion. The Roman numerals at the periphery are already halfway covered by a radiant guilloche pattern. Matching the bezel, the off-centre eclipse is set with an array of sparkling gems.

As a crowning touch, Michael Koh signs the dial with a storybook portrait of the moon, naming his creation “Sleeping Beauty“ as a reference to the nocturnal hour of its completion.


Specially developed for the TEFNUT family, the hands harmonise in their finesse with the multi-faceted face of the watch. A node that tapers toward the eye of the hand and narrows to a fine point at tip characteries their shape. The hour hand of the TEFNUT Sleeping Beauty features its very own romantically curved form with an aperture.

This set of hands is the result of many process steps in the manufacture; when complete, they are annealed to the characteristic brown-violet hue.

The unique hands crown this time keeping gem that deserves a place on the wrist of the night owl and the avowed romanticist alike.

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