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Updated: May 13, 2020


With new insights and understanding on exactly how light reflects, an extra 32 facets can now be cut onto the crown of Diamonds, in order to maximise light dispersion. The narrow parameters with which Chantillea Diamonds are cut show the highest level of precision in the fine art that is Lapidary. PERFECT LIGHT REFLECTION

Like a Chandelier, the Chantillea diamond exudes a unique kaleidoscopic pattern encircling the classic, beloved 8 hearts (from the bottom) and the arrows (from the top). Each Chantillea diamond undergoes a patented cut and is put through the most stringent tests before being released in the market. FireScope It is a diamond that displays complete red and black reflection when examined under the FireScope, earning the title of possessing Perfect Light Reflection.


An exclusive International Certification from Japan accompanies Chantillea diamonds, providing important information that identifies each individual Diamond. This Certificate is an internationally recognised diamond grading report, which clearly states the specifics of each Chantillea purchase.

1) Comparison between 90 facet Chantillea cut diamond and 57 facet ideal cut diamond.

2) Firescope. Invented in Japan in 1984 after 7 years of research together with a team of inventors, gemologists, optics specialists, physicists and plastic manufacturer

3) 90 facet Chantillea cut diamond and 57 facet ideal cut diamond under FireScope FireScope assesses the brilliance of a diamond and also offers a qualitative assessment of symmetry. The white light is the light leakage under the FireScope. Minimal light leakage is shown in the 90 facet Chantillea cut diamond.

4) Light performance with FireScope is one of the grading criteria in the 90 facet Chantillea cut diamond certification.

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