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Diamond has become the symbol of love when an Austrian Prince gave a diamond engagement ring in 15th century. It gains popularity from America since 1947.

Many may have known diamond is measured by 4Cs, colour, clarity, carat and cut. The first 3Cs is very much determined by the Mother Nature only the last C can be perfected by man.

In 1919, Marcel Tolkowsky devised a mathematical formula for cutting diamond to create maximum brilliance and fire. Since than many branded diamonds have base on his philosophy for ideal cut diamond. In 1980 the birth of Hearts and Arrows cut has taken diamond cut to the next level, where perfect pattern of eight symmetrical “Arrows” can be view from the crown, and eight symmetrical “hearts” can be view from the pavilion of the diamond with the aid of ideal scope. Thus, strongly bonded the idea of romance and love along with prefect brilliance.

We strongly believe cut is place above others as it unveils the maximum potential brilliance of a diamond, with a well-proportioned and symmetry faceted diamond, resulting a well balance of brilliant, fire and scintillation, that may enhance the look of the diamond in terms of colour and clarity.

At Caratell all diamonds have undergone stringent check, to ensure all diamond used are genuine and fit into our criterial

For 0.03ct and above are selected according to the specs of Hearts and Arrows, that one can really admired it’s brilliant across the room.

For our certified round brilliant diamond

On top of the above mentioned, we have taken other specs such as inclusion, measurement and fluorescent into consideration. We strongly believe in the quality of these gems must not be compromised and deliver what we think is best to our client.

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