The Forbbiden Mine in Myanmar - Day 2

Written on 28 December 2015

Its day 2 of our quest to the mine shafts. We are all set ready to go round the mountain sides where multiple mines await us there. We were told by the local the approximate travel time between 30-45mins to reach the ‘Forbidden mine’.

Waking up to a wondrous bird’s-eye view in the hotel that is 3800ft high, above sea level.

When we reach there, the owner of the mine happens to be a friend of our friend. It is very kind of him to allow us to visit his mine, it is one of the bigger operation there.

We set off from the hotel to the nearest ruby mine that is half an hour ride away reaching this mine that is dug 1000+ ft down! there are about 300 workers who take shifts in this mine that operates 24/7. Each shift consists of approximately 150 miners.