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The Forbidden Mine in Myanmar - Day 3

Written on 28 December 2015

Day 3. Before we went for our breakfast, we decided to take a morning stroll to enjoy the morning dew….. As we were walking, a guy on a bike approach us and show us his gems.

Morning Surprise!! 2ct red spinel, viewed in the morning sun.

After our breakfast, our Mogoke friend brought us to his house,  where he gather some of his friends to show us their GEMS!

Surprise to see such a huge, clean and yet unheated sapphire from Mogoke.

We all know about Burmese (now called Myanmar) ‘pigeon’s blood’ (PB) ruby, but a true gem PB ruby are hard to come by, as most of them have a lot of inclusion and many people have different definition on the term of PB ruby. Some local call the strong red as PB others refer it with a tint of purple as PB. Well, we prefer the true red with a soft look and fluoresce in red under UV to be as the renown Pigeon’s blood ruby.

Very fine quality, unheated ruby!

After the whole session of looking at gems, we decided to have a quick lunch at a nearby stall.

Lunch is served! A delicious meal ate giving all the nourishments you will need there.

Our friend then brought us to the gem market where they call ‘Panchan’ meaning garden. But I don’t see any garden only lots of big umbrellas. I was told that it use to be a garden, where now it becomes a trading ground. Basically, people will gather over here from 1pm-3pm to do trading.

The gem market is bustling with suppliers and buyers. A great place if you wish to find an array of gems. But beware of the sun. it may be cool but the UV is strong.

Taking a look on a bi-coloured tourmaline rough, it like from the alluvial deposit, as it looks tumbled.

As we will be on our separate ways the next day,  we decided to take a group photo.

After dinner, I suddenly have an urge to have some biscuit, thus, my friend brought us to the hotel she stay. At a corner of the reception area, there seems to be some interesting stuff too. Soon we realised the owner of the hotel is also a gem collector, we then share our passion on gems and have much precious information exchanged.

A good specimen for red spinel! As you can see the octahedron shape from this picture.

After a long chat filled with fruitful experience, we didn’t realise it has past 11 pm. So we decided to walk back to our hotel though it was not a very wise decision as that are no street lamp!

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