The Forbidden Mine in Myanmar - Day 3

Written on 28 December 2015

Day 3. Before we went for our breakfast, we decided to take a morning stroll to enjoy the morning dew….. As we were walking, a guy on a bike approach us and show us his gems.

Morning Surprise!! 2ct red spinel, viewed in the morning sun.

After our breakfast, our Mogoke friend brought us to his house,  where he gather some of his friends to show us their GEMS!

Surprise to see such a huge, clean and yet unheated sapphire from Mogoke.

We all know about Burmese (now called Myanmar) ‘pigeon’s blood’ (PB) ruby, but a true gem PB ruby are hard to come by, as most of them have a lot of inclusion and many people have different definition on the term of PB ruby. Some local call the strong r