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The Forbidden Mine in Myanmmar - Day 1

Written on 22 December 2015

Mogoke is the ‘gem’ of Myanmar, everybody in the trade knows this but rarely any visits it, as it is forbidden to the foreigners, only lately they have been lenient but one still needs a permit to visit. It is a mine that is lavishing with gems of great beauty and quality, the most renowned gems would be the pigeon blood ruby.

Our quest started from setting off early in the morning from Yangon city to the domestic airport. Not the most luxurious trip but still worth it.

The domestic plane we took, looks too much like the Indiana Jones plane.

Looking out of the window with the propeller beside me.

Finally, our safe touchdown to Mogoke.

Our bus station reached at 2.15pm as we will be taking the old route where it will take us appx 7 hours ride. The local said there is a total of 999 turns up the mountain. Remember your motion sickness pills!

We were half-way through our journey when we stop by to have our dinner before setting off again. No luxury restaurant, sorry folks! (tip: do not eat too full nor too little, lest you throw up in the bus trip)

Finally reached our hotel after a tiring day of twist and turns. It is very well facilitated and about a year old.

There goes the first day. One whole day of travelling and we finally reached our hotel. By that time, the temperature was 10-12 degrees celsius and all of us weren’t prepared for the freezing weather, so do remember to bring your jacket along.

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